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Time travel is the only way to avoid poor Management decisions

April 1, 2010


Return on Efficiency has spent over 15 years analyzing and repairing decisions which, with the benefit of hindsight, could have been either avoided or structured differently.  In the end, we have concluded the only way to avoid the Monday Morning Quarterback syndrome is to either avoid taking any decisions at all or to take decisions and then, at a later date, travel back in time to undo them.

Some Management teams prefer the’ take no decisions at all’ method, forming various committees, feasibility studies and hiring the best and brightest strategy consulting companies to produce 100 page reports so the Board can be told the matter “has been looked into and we are exploring our options at this time”.

RoE, being an action oriented consultancy with an execution and risk sharing business model has spent considerable time trying to see how we can take our clients back in time to undo decisions which did not work out in the end.  Previously, expensive equipment such as a heavily modified car was required as well as a significant power source.  Our approach is to use a modified form of value chain diagram to identify the time travel barriers and then mitigate same.

Working shoulder to shoulder, the combined client-RoE team returns to the day the bad idea was initially hatched and with the benefit of future vision, modifies the decision to avoid the now known problems.  Upon returning to the present, the combined Client-RoE team uses the Risk Sharing model to calculate the avoided costs which is then split with the client.

The other benefit from traveling back 5 to 10 years is Management’s ability to tell their Board they have not only solved the problem, but they have done it at a fraction of the cost of the strategy consulting companies and got to see their strategy  consultants performing in their middle school play. Simultaneously, the RoE consultants each lost 15 pounds and regained their original hair color, one of whom decided to stay in the past saying his ties were finally in style.

RoE is in discussions with a major theme park chain about licensing their time travel process for a new ride and a 3 movie deal.



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